I’m Doug Triche. The most important spiritual discovery I have made in my life is my marriage to my wife Bertha. It has been a true spiritual romance. We have been married for 25 years and have three children. She has been my greatest adventure in my spiritual journey to living as a disciple of God and discovering a path to love, joy and peace.

The next spiritual discovery I have made in my life is my career as a religious educator. It too has led me to many adventures in awakening my soul to the ever presence of God in my life. I have had two main focus areas in my career as a religious educator, first as a teacher and second as a retreat director.

As a teacher my journey has led me on a path of spiritual discovery in the world of education. Whether one teaches math, science, language, history, or religion all are adventures into the mysteries of God’s creation and all are part of the sacred text of God’s revelation of Himself. In other words, we learn something of the artist as we enter into his art.

I had my first true spiritual awakening when I went on my first retreat as a junior in high school. I started giving retreats when I was a freshman in college and directing retreats when I was a college junior. Each retreat (Confirmation, high school, junior high, parish youth group, family) over the years has meant an examination of my own spiritual character as I have helped others form their own. I feel humbled to have been called to be an instrument of God in helping others to discover and share His love.

  • Douglas Triche
  • Email – charlie_1104@yahoo.com (St. Charles Borromeo is my patorn saint. His feast day is November 4.)