If God spoke to you directly and asked you to move to another country, would you go knowing that there would be little chance that you would see your family and friends again?

(Note: The inspiration for the question comes from the 1985 book The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, PH.D.  The questions has been modified to inspire Christian reflection.)



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Duck Tape Activity

This is a fun icebreaker idea to get your teenage students or youth group members excited about being on retreat or at your meeting.

It’s simple. Wrap a group member in duck tape with the sticky side facing out. Give the other group members straws and que tips. They load the straw with a que tip and shoot it at the group member wrapped in duck tape. See how long it takes to get all the que tips to stick or have teams compete on how many they can get to stick.

Discuss how this activity symbolizes being a Christian or life in the Church. What does the tape symbolize and what does the que tips symbolize? As Christians, how are we like the member wrapped in duck tape? How are we like the members shooting que tips?

Have fun!

Try this retreat idea or religion class activity. It’s a great way to get accross the Church’s teaching on the Communion of Saints.  Have participants bring in one or more pictures of people they know that died and pictures of their favorite saints. Attach the pictures to poster paper or a bulletin board. Share a brief description of the meaning of the Community of Saints. Inform participants that these love ones and your favorite saints will be with us and praying for us during the retreat or the time they are in class together. Conclude be leading all in prayer asking for the prayers of all those in the Communion of Saints.

Commnion of Saints

Commnion of Saints

I hate when this happens

I hate when this happens

 Cartoons are good retreat ideas.  Use cartoons as icebreakers or as part of a presentation.  This cartoon would be good to talk about how sometimes we try to take shortcuts in solving a problem.  Shortcuts often cause another problem.  Many of our problems are cause by our spiritual neglect.  Though we may try, we can’t find true happiness without God being at the center of our lives.

Sharing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit on Retreat

Sharing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit on Retreat

The Yarn Activity is always a big hit and you can use it with a variety of themes; community, church, gifts of the Holy Spirit, communication, etc.

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